about us

At Inspiring Riding we love riding bikes. When we were kids, riding a bike was all about fun and freedom; life was a great adventure. Our boundaries have widened beyond our local neighbourhoods now, but riding a bike is still the best way to get that pure wind-in-your-face excitement. We are a not-for-profit company who want to encourage more people, current cyclists or would-be riders, to find their own bicycle adventures.

Adventure conjures up images of dangerous trips to wild places. But we think it is just a willingness to try something new, to experience something a bit different that reminds us how beautiful life is. Jump on a bike and have a mini adventure on your way to town, or ride to a local camping spot and discover a magical night within easy reach of home. It just takes a sideways shift in attitude. We want Journey to be the spark for this shift.

Journey is our online inspiration and resource for cyclists who want to broaden their riding horizons and for would-be bicycle riders keen to discover the view from the saddle. Journey is about recapturing that childhood excitement. We curate and create content, maintaining good old-fashioned production values and attention to detail. Our stories and experiences come from the Journey team and other bicycle adventurers just like you.


The┬áteam behind Journey are published writers, photographers and illustrators. We have designed outdoor equipment for well-known New Zealand companies. We have owned businesses within the cycling industry and we have organised low-key cycling events. We all hold down regular bill-paying day jobs and through Inspiring Riding we’ve found a way to use our skills to inflict our burning passion for bicycle adventure onto others.